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Legacy reviews of Greylands

Check out the reviews page on the site and enjoy the responses of reviewers to Greylands when it first came out in print version way back when.

We are only able to offer them to you courtesy of the Lu Rees Archive at the Canberra Library, which had copies of the reviews in their fabulous collection. I have donated many manuscripts to the Lu Res Archive over the years as have most of the guest authors who have spoken in our ongoing eVolution debate. Indeed I am assembling all of the material from my writing of The Little Fur series to donate, including original drawings and hand written manuscripts, later this year. I do so, knowing they will be better cared for and preserved than in my shed in a box, and that if anyone in the future wants to look at the processes that went into their making, the material will be there for them to revisit.

The Lu Rees collection is an amazingly valuable resource and record which has had to cope with the changes in how writers work including the tendency to rework the same manuscript electronically until it is perfected, thereby leaving no trace of the stages of it creation. You can read more about the Lu Rees archive and find out about accessing its collection at their website, Lu Rees Archive of Australian Children’s Literature.

And check out the guest post today, eBooks and Libraries, from Rebecca Kemble, who is part of the … continue reading


Uploading Greylands – The Adventure

The night before last, straddling midnight between yesterday and today (which is almost a metaphorical representation of what we are doing with the eVolution debate on this site), I finally managed to upload Greylands. This was my responsibility entirely, and I felt the weight of it because of all the work Min put into setting up this site and maintaining it. I didn’t want to let her down, let alone anyone who would come on to have a look at the book after Nadia’s wonderful launch speech went live.
Just in case, I had accepted the help offered by the wonderful Alex Adsett, who loaded it up onto, in case I failed. Also I had made some good preparation in advance by asking Bill King to help me get it part way onto Amazon – he could have done the whole thing but we didn’t want it available before the launch day, and the very next day he was headed for Scotland and I was headed home to Australia.

Cover for the eBook of Greylands

All this was in my mind as I drove helter-skelter down from the mountain, shedding passengers as I went, to finally land, very late, up on the doorstep of my savvy friend Carol, knowing that I would still need a guiding hand. She guided me through finalising the upload to Amazon and putting Greylands up on Smashwords. She had done it with her own book, The Zmora, also … continue reading


Greylands eBook Launch Day!

Today has been a HUGE day on the site!

Aside from a guest post on our eVolution debate by the fabulous Judith Ridge, this evening you will learn the identity of our illustrious guest launcher and get the chance to read her launch speech.

Today is also the day the eBook of Greylands goes live on Amazon, and Smashwords. You can read more about the dramatic midnight efforts last night, to get the book up on Amazon and Smashwords shortly, in another post. Needless to say, it turned out to be a rather more complex process than this Luddite expected!

As with any book launch (an with a lot of help and forbearance from friends) the eBook is available from today, but the site links will not be live till later in the day. If you can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about and you missed the book when it was in print, you can have a sneak peak by segueing right now to:

Buy Greylands by Isobelle Carmody on AmazonBuy Greylands by Isobelle Carmody on SmashwordsFind Greylands by Isobelle Carmody on Book.ish

Otherwise, read Judith’s wonderful debate offering and comment, stay tuned for the lovely and poetic launch speech this evening and wake up tomorrow to click on any of the links at the bottom of each site page, to buy the book or just have a sneak peak.

And remember, the site stays up for one month in total so we still have some great speakers lined up and some other special announcements and of course, the announcement of the evolution … continue reading