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The Lost Art

I am a reader.  I don’t mind how or where I read a book as long as I can lose myself in a story. Reading allows me to escape to another time and place; makes me gasp, cry or laugh; makes me think about how I would act in a similar situation; or takes me on a journey that otherwise I would never have experienced.  Books in all their methods of delivery inform and excite, propel us to action, take us to places we might not otherwise reach and give us insights into other cultures and ways of living.

I come from a family of readers and I’ve always treasured books. My grandfather was a printer and the first thing he’d do when he picked up a book was look at the imprint page and see where it had been printed. Old habits die hard and this quirk of behaviour was passed down to my father and now to me! A lively discussion would often ensue about the printer and whether he, my grandfather, thought they had done a good job or not – usually he thought not!

Books punctuate our lives and shape our view of the world and the books I read when I was young were anchored in the area I grew up in (north of the Lake District in the North of England). I’d spend afternoons looking for Mrs Tiggywinkle and Lucie at Little-Farm and go on adventures inspired by Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons.  … continue reading