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Testing, testing…

Maureen McCarthy launched Isobelle Carmody’s Greylands at Readings Carlton (309 Lygon Street) Mon. Oct 22 at 4 pm, while Isobelle launched Maureen’s novel, The Convent. The launch presentation is embedded above.

This launch was conducted as a conversation between Maureen and Isobelle with readings from their novels.  Due to technical difficulties there are a couple of interruptions, but most of Isobelle’s conversation with Maureen McCarthy is here.

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The Journey Ends…Or Does It?

Tomorrow, this Greylands Launch site in all its depth and complexity, will self-destruct. I know it is wonderful – so much more than I imagined when Min and I devised it in theory- and I am touched how many emails and posts asked that it be left up, but in general, beautiful things do not last forever- indeed it may be part of their beauty that they are destined to fall.

Greylands, old and new.

What I would like to announce today, the penultimate announcement, is that one of the amazing things that has happened during the creation and the month and a bit during which the site had been live, is how much interest my eBook experiment stirred up in a very practical way, around my out of print books.

Greylands is now on the verge of being optioned as a movie and being remade as an audio book. And as a direct result of this site, the book also to be released again, re-edited with an accompanying essay, in traditional print form as a paperback from Ford Street Publishers. Indeed the book will be officially launched in its newest incarnation by Maureen McCarthy at the Victorian RACV club on October 1, as part of the aptly named Keeping Books Alive Conference ( for further details).

The conference is open only to delegates, but we will have a public event afterwards to celebrate, details to be announced on the Ford Street website.

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Greylands eBook Launch Day!

Today has been a HUGE day on the site!

Aside from a guest post on our eVolution debate by the fabulous Judith Ridge, this evening you will learn the identity of our illustrious guest launcher and get the chance to read her launch speech.

Today is also the day the eBook of Greylands goes live on Amazon, and Smashwords. You can read more about the dramatic midnight efforts last night, to get the book up on Amazon and Smashwords shortly, in another post. Needless to say, it turned out to be a rather more complex process than this Luddite expected!

As with any book launch (an with a lot of help and forbearance from friends) the eBook is available from today, but the site links will not be live till later in the day. If you can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about and you missed the book when it was in print, you can have a sneak peak by segueing right now to:

Buy Greylands by Isobelle Carmody on AmazonBuy Greylands by Isobelle Carmody on SmashwordsFind Greylands by Isobelle Carmody on Book.ish

Otherwise, read Judith’s wonderful debate offering and comment, stay tuned for the lovely and poetic launch speech this evening and wake up tomorrow to click on any of the links at the bottom of each site page, to buy the book or just have a sneak peak.

And remember, the site stays up for one month in total so we still have some great speakers lined up and some other special announcements and of course, the announcement of the evolution … continue reading