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The not-entirely-real,

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  • Being normal

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    : it is a slate grey day such as I might have drawn in black ink on the thick watercolour paper I like best. It has a rough texture over which the points of the..

  • Too many angels

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      why all the animals? . . . . . . sometimes someone asks a question that makes you think and the more you think about it, the bigger the question gets. : and why..

  • a feeling for snow

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      I have come to think of December as the Dark Month   : . . . . not just because of the difference between a Winter December and a Summer December, but because it is..

  • days like this

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    : today in the shower I had the overpowering conviction that my editor hates me . . .  . . . it is one of those days. : it started out with me pulling the..

  • day one

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    so, the blog site is live. : : not sure yet what it will be when it grows up, though I have been thinking on and off of it for months while Min has been..

  • Testing, testing…

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    Maureen McCarthy launched Isobelle Carmody’s Greylands at Readings Carlton (309 Lygon Street) Mon. Oct 22 at 4 pm, while Isobelle launched Maureen’s novel, The Convent. The launch presentation is embedded above. This launch was conducted as a conversation between Maureen..

  • The Last Day

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    Today is the last official day of this Greylands launch microsite. (in fact it will not come down until Monday evening when Min gets home from work) See it and comment before it vanishes, or..

  • The Journey Ends…Or Does It?

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    Tomorrow, this Greylands Launch site in all its depth and complexity, will self-destruct. I know it is wonderful – so much more than I imagined when Min and I devised it in theory- and I..

  • The Last Word

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    I have always wanted to have the last word only I am not the sort of person who comes up with it on the spur of the moment. For me, to write is to think..

  • And the winners are…

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    It has been an exciting, interactive month for everyone who has contributed and commented on the Great eBook Debate, and Heather, Isobelle and I would like to thank all of you for taking the time..