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13 Questions

    1. Simi says:

      You once described the story writing process as making a necklace, and stringing it with beads… knowing what the necklace would look like and how long it will be, but not knowing the colour or shape of the beads, or what is between the beads. That image has stuck with me for year, and I am curious to know more, and to understand the creative process further. Since you want to allow a glimpse of the process in embryo, would you embelish this metaphor please?
      As I seem to be also heading into “the rapids in life again”, and can’t see what is ahead clearly, I feel the urge to start my own blog, so that I, too, can “steer a smart, wise, bright course”. I look forward to reading yours.

    2. Daniel Talanine says:

      When you begin planning a completely new novel, what do you think of in terms of how you will write the story itself? I understand some authors like to plan out their stories in detail before writing, while others come up with a rough idea and see where that takes them. I’m curious to their initial thoughts on a tone though, as in- how do the readers feel when reading these books? Do you think about this aspect early on in the writing process or while writing the book?

      • I guess it is a rather organic process for me. I have an idea and I have usually had it for a while befor I start work on it. I find I will think of an idea over years and sometimes it is quite insistent, but I don’t let myself do more than keep it at the periphery of my vision, until I start. I do a LOT of thinking between the first and second drafts, once I have the thing on the page, no matter how misshappen and problematic it might feel.

    3. Maddy says:

      I’m sure you get this question a lot, but I’d really like to know the release date for Darkbane. I’ve just finished reading Darkfall and Darksong. They were wonderful. I’m thinking about doing Darkfall for my school novel study.
      Thanks, if you can tell me.
      Thank you for writing the first two, if you can’t.

      • hi Maddy. I am still working on the final Obernewtyn book, and I plan over christmas to do some rough illustrations for a small book, but next year I will begin work on the final Legendsong book, Darkbane. I can’t wait. I have been waiting for years to be able to get to it, but I couldn’t work on it while I was enmeshed in another big book that is also the last of a series. I expect it will come out in 2016.

    4. Satari says:

      Hi Isobelle Carmody,
      I hope you are well and happy writing away. I certainly appreciate all your books. However there is one particular book i am inquiring about today and that is Darkbane.I read the other two legend song books with a dear friend and she very ill Doctors believe she may have a year at best. We are both hoping that it will be ready before her time here is done, so we can read it together. can you please give us some idea of when it maybe ready and published, we know that it may not be ready in time that is as it is naturally. Kindest regards

      • Dear Satari,

        I am so sorry to read that your friend is ill, and even sorrier that I don’t have anything to offer immediately. I seem to have been caught top in so much stuff this year, following on from all the time i spent finishing the Red Queen, when virtually everything was on pause. I never would have imagined it would take so long, but I can say that I am hoping it will be published in 2018.


    5. Bella says:

      Hi Isobelle, I am a HUGE fan of your books, especially Obernewtyn and Legendsong! I can’t wait for the final Legendsong book to come out! Do you know when it’ll come out yet?

      • hi Bella, I have been off site stumbling around in the wilderness post Red Queen completion- I can’t believe it has taken a year, but I am clawing back my life. Doing a PhD, being my family breadwinner and having a daughter finishing Year twelve this last year really swallowed so much time. But I am right now working on a book, and I hope to have Darkbane out in 2018.Thank you for staying with me!

    6. Sherone Brown says:

      Isobelle, I must say that I am extremely grateful to have stumbled across your Legendsong series only in March 2016 as the suspense of waiting for years for Darkbane would have been difficult! What a fascinating and absorbing storyline. I can understand that you would have to finish all other projects to be able to give this final book your 100% attention. They are all such addictive characters to follow the twists and plots. Your books are so unpredictable to know what is coming next! Do you have an idea of a date in 2016 when Darkbane will be released? I do hope you are enjoying the journey and can’t wait to devour book three. Thank you for Darkfall and Darksong.
      Regards Sherone

      • Dear Sherone, thank you for your lovely post. I have finally got to the point where I think I am beginning to regain my balance after the finish of the Obernewtyn Books- Elspeth’s part of them, at least. I am looking forward to getting back to Darkbane, but it is still a little way off yet. I am hoping it will be out in 2018.
        warm regards

    7. Steve says:

      Hi Isobelle. How are you going with Darkbane? Can you please give an update on how it’s going? For anyone who reads this, please join me in this meditation and Isibelle, know that we believe in you and we have your back ☺: “We ask that Isobelle Carmody is given the time and Space in her life, to complete the novel ‘Darkbane’. We collectively send her rainbow crystal light and loving star energy, so that she can give closure to the characters we love and adore. Fill her and her family with exuberance, warmth and blessed energies. So mote it be”.

      • Hi Steve

        Thank you for your lovely calling on the universe to send me warmth and kindness and space to work. I have just finished my mid candidature review for my PhD, and I am hoping to finish Darkbane for next year, but I am still trying to sort out contracts with the publishers. I have The Ice Maze coming out next month, and I will have another stand alone book out with Allen and Unwin 🙂

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