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In July 2012, Isobelle Carmody hosted an online forum called The Great eBook Debate.

It featured a collection of essays from luminaries of all aspects of the book world; authors, journalists, educators at all levels, overseas and indigenous authors and editors, large and independent publishers, illustrators and poets, commenting on the state of the publishing world and the effect the eVolution of books into digital formats has had on their lives, plus what this might pose for the future of reading.

This important and educational debate was a part of Isobelle’s Greylands eBook Launch, and since that event is over, the eVolution Debate is being republished online here, in Isobelle’s blog, including all public comments made during the debate, for all to read (or re-read) and enjoy.

Greylands, by Isobelle Carmody

The Greylands eBook is available from Amazon, Smashwords, and The reprinted Ford St Publishing version of Greylands can be bought from the Ford St website.